Terraforming Equations

Terraforming = an Earth-like gravity + Caeliforming + Ecogenesis

Terraforming a planet involves many variables, which can be simplified into easy-to-use equations. These equations allow us to better assess: the viability of terraforming; the requirements to terraform and; the sustainability of a terraformed planet, once created.

S.I. units are used throughout


Equation 1: Escape Velocity

Equation 2: Increasing Planetary Mass

Equation 3: Atmospheric Pressure

Equation 4: Atmospheric Mass

Equation 5: Surface area of a rotating planet

Equation 6: Volume and density of a rotating planet

Equation 7: Luminosity of a Star

Equation 8: Radius of a Star

Equation 9: Van der Waal's equation

updated: 18Jun2012