Terraforming Programs

Atmospheric pressure, mass and constituents (.xls)

Converting Celestial Coordinates to 3D Galactic Coordinates (.xls)


is a terraforming simulator

The current version is 0.6 beta for MacOS X and Windows.

The program allows you to: terraform planets, moons and asteroids to create an earth like biosphere; rearrange the orbit of planets in a stellar system; add planets, moons and asteroids to each other; seed and colonise planets and moons; mine planets, moons, asteroids and comets for resources; convert or store the atmosphere of a planet; deploy solar panels for collecting energy; explore detailed phase diagrams for atmospheric gases; explore a taxonomic database; explore a stellar system. The program also provides an energy cost analysis of each stage of terraforming.

The tutorial can be downloaded from here.

Email me for the latest version of the program: