A worldhouse is an artificial structure enclosing the atmosphere of an entire planet. They're designed to stop atmospheric gases from escaping into space. Atmospheric escape is only a problem for low gravity planets, such as Mars.

The worldhouse design has serious flaws:

  • A planetary atmosphere must be able to expand and contract vertically to distribute heat and buffer against temperature fluctuations. A worldhouse would force that expansion horizontal. Hurricane force winds will sweep the globe, twice per day at dawn and dusk.
  • A worldhouse would inhibit the dispersal of electrical charge from the planets surface to space.
  • Space dust will quickly build up on the outside, blocking sunlight from reaching the surface.
  • The structure will be exposed to intense cosmic radiation and damage from meteorite bombardment.
  • Hydrogen from radioactive decay will react with the Oxygen in the atmosphere and form water. Over time, atmospheric Oxygen will decrease and the planet will slowly flood.

    A worldhouse is quite possibly the largest waste of resources and labour ever conceived.